Welcome to Kite Earth! Kite Earth aims to unify the world through kiteboarding. We mainly operate in the Philippines, but soon will come to a country near you!🙂 We offer lessons, and organize cleanup drives and events.

Where do you teach at?
Only 1.5hrs away from Manila Philippines, our
main teaching location is in 26 Santa Maria Resort, National Road, Talisay, Batangas, Philippines, but we can teach in other locations near Manila such as Naic Cavite, Subic, Zambales, Caliraya, Quezon etc

We also offer shuttle transportation service from your hotel.

The 7 E’s

Environment. Kiteboarding is a free clean energy sport, and as a kitboarder, one quickly sees how important nature is, which is why we organize cleanup drives and donate towards this cause.


Earth. Why the name kite earth. We believe the Earth is for everyone, and creating imaginary lines does not help. through kiteboarding, we can unify the world with a common passion.
Educate. We offer lessons from beginner to pro, iko plus standard.
naic jas
Equipment. We provide the best equipment for your own individual style, whether it be wave riding, wakestyle, airstyle, or race.


Exercise. Kiteboarding is great for staying fit and healthy.
Events. We organize expeditions, and freestyle and race events and more.
And last but not least, to get out there and Enjoy!

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